It’s no secret that even in church, people are using their smartphones constantly. As a matter of fact, in a recent report, Pew Research found that 64% of Americans now own a smartphone of some kind. 

This is exciting news, many are actually using their smartphone during church not just for checking how many likes they had on their last Facebook post, but, believe it or not, many are actually using their smartphones to follow that morning’s scripture reading. Several used it to “check-in” at church notifying their entire network of where they are and where they go to church. (Talk about a GREAT organic evangelism opportunity).

It was only a few years ago when asked to lead a Bible study for a group of young adults that I had  found myself being the only one with an actual Bible in hand. Well, the others also had a Bible in hand, but their’s actually fit in the palm of their hand as they followed along verse by verse on their smartphone.

With the smartphone increasingly becoming the central hub for life in the digital culture, it’s fun to see how many churches are beginning to unlock the full potential of the smartphone. This is actually happening during the church service as well as after the church service.

What we love about Proclaim Presentation Software is that it allows churches the ability to easily make their service more interactive by sending app signals that match the presentation on the screen. This allows member to follow in real time. Visitor cards, events, church announcements now become interactive rather then white noise. Custom Church Apps is honored to exclusively offer proclaim signal as part of our church app experience.
It’s all in an effort to help church goers to better both retain and apply the message as well as feel more a sense of being in-community with their church throughout the week.

So what are the 2 things churches are doing to engage their church members.. during Church?

1. Polling

It was great to hear of just this last weekend a church using their app during the sermon to poll people on their Bible reading habits. Even more exciting was their ability to actually then project those real-time results on the screen for all to see. (Talk about a GREAT real-time and relevant resource to help drive home your message.)
Polling can be a great way to collect data for an event coming up, get some feedback for a sermon series, or just have a little fun at the start of your message. With a custom church app and Proclaim Software you are able to do this with ease.

2. Online Giving

We have several churches that have been using their in-app experience for real-time online giving? (Talk about meeting people where they’re at with instant access.) Online giving is very quick and convenient for your members and it saves you a lot of administration time on Monday! Many churches that use our app platform see a 10% or more growth in giving when they allow the convenience of in-app giving.
Other ways churches are also using Proclaim Signals during service to interact are with calendar invites and Bible references all of these which allow you to engage your church like never before.

The opportunities are endless!

Now, chances are, if you are using Proclaim Church Presentation Software, you’re already tapping the incredible real-time opportunities you have during the church service by sending Signals to your church goers. And with the unique partnership Proclaim has with Custom Church Apps, you are sending those Signals directly to your church members via an amazing in-app experience.
If you’re not currently using Proclaim, we would love to invite you to take your in-app experience to a whole new level by unlocking the full potential of all that Proclaim Church Presentation Software can offer your church.

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