When people visit your church on social media, what do they see?

Do they see a church that is intentional, hospitable, active, and flourishing in Kingdom activity? Do they see stories of lives that have been changed, impacted and celebrated? Or do they see a stale text reminder that church starts at 11 again? Churches must ask the question, “Does it match up with what you would want them to see?”

Custom Church Apps

Social media and church apps provide a unique opportunity for people to gain a real sense of who you are as a church way before they first step foot in your church on Sunday.

In today’s digital culture, more often than not, that first time visitor will spend a certain amount of time doing their own due diligence by way of visiting your social media pages as well as even downloading your app. In this and unlike the past, they’ll be looking for much more than just service times. They’ll also be looking for the heartbeat of who you are as a church.

As people decide on Friday if they’ll attend on Sunday, what four things can churches be projecting on social media and mobile apps that will showcase the heartbeat of what God is doing through your church?

1. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures that showcase the life of the church community. What better way is there to tell people about what you are doing than simply showing them what you are doing? Besides, people love being acknowledged. This is a great way to garner engagement from your church community. Post on your social pages and your church mobile app.

2. Inspire, Inspire, Inspire your community throughout the week with scripture verses, quotes, and blog posts that meet your community right where they are as they seek to navigate this life through the lens of their faith. Send a push notification through your church app to remind them of something great happening this Sunday. You can even use social media to drive the message of each weekend’s sermon as inspiration for these posts.

3. Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate the work that the church is doing locally and around the globe. People love the tangible. They love hearing about the impact being made throughout the week at the church or with your partners around the world. Plus, people love being a part of the solution.

4. Educate, Educate, Educate your community on what’s happening in your community as a whole as it relates to the town or city you find yourself in. Whats says relevance more than being tapped into the heartbeat of one’s city and offering invitations to pray for and to serve your city than educating your community on what’s happening in your city?

Of course, these are just four things churches can project through social media and their own church app that will provide and inside look at the heartbeat for their church for those seeking to visit your church. Do you know what else it does? It provides the foundation for a community to take your message to the masses each Monday through Saturday and even on Sunday.

Remember, our fast paced culture is full of things to do, places to go and people to see on Sunday. You have a chance to remind people of why they don’t want to miss your service this week.

Social media and mobile apps take on average 20 minutes a week to maintain a simple presence in peoples lives. You can reach the majority of the church with one post and a push notification. Unfortunately, the recent findings in the Pew Research report on religion in America and the decline over the past seven years of Christianity in America show most churches are not sending that message.

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It’s all hands on deck.

We have tools like social media and custom church apps… let’s use them and in this, let’s see people’s lives changed anywhere and everywhere for His glory.

Custom Church Apps