Many might say, Not me. I’m already tapped!

So, what if we could present to you a new way or a new set of lenses for viewing social media and how it can have a direct impact on your church congregation by meeting your church members where many of them are already at? And what if these new sets of lenses could provide a whole new reason for you to think twice about how social media actually could be an incredible tool to pastor your congregation? What if we could view social media in a way that no longer has us feeling too tapped to use, but rather instead allow us the opportunity to actually unlock.. untapped potential?

For many churches that currently use social media, often times it’s being used as an extension of the announcements or the church bulletin. Of course, social media offers a great place to broadcast this. But what if we begin to view social media as something that goes beyond these upcoming events and towards a place with a much more deeper meaning?

Recent studies show that people check Facebook 14 times a day!

Social media is an incredible tool. For certain, most of us more than likely already know this. But with this in mind, the question always has comes back to, but how can I make it an incredible tool for our ministry? It seems like it would take you crazy amounts of time to get it right. Well, let us show you how to easily use what you already have on social media in an effective way!

Here are 4 ways social media can help any pastor maximize their sermon impact:

  1. Retention
  2. Application
  3. Transformation
  4. Multiplication

From one weekend service to the upcoming weekend service, by viewing social media through these sets of lenses, we now can build a bridge of discipleship right into the very place many of those within our congregations are spending a whole lot of time.

By thinking through your next sermon strategically from the video clips you’ll use, quotes, illustrations, the images on the screen as well as the passages you can be more intentional with social media. Why not atomize what you are already doing on Sunday morning and therefore share these resources Monday through Saturday morning on places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It real could be that easy and the result would be greater retention, more application, which would lead to greater transformation! The end result often is that people share the post causing your efforts to be multiplied.

So as you prepare your next sermon series, know that social media can be an incredible tool for you to reach your church members in between weekend services.

Be thinking what resources you are already using for the message that are easily transferable to Facebook and other social media platforms. Be thinking how you too can begin to leverage these tools to help your members retain the message, apply the message, be transformed by the message, and finally to then multiply the message.

If you think about it, social media is really unique in that it offers a common place where both discipleship and outreach can intersect as well as intermingle. To us, what we see in this is simply this.. a whole lot of untapped potential.

Thanks for taking a brief few moments to read through this post. Thanks as well for all that you are doing to impact lives for the Kingdom! We’ll continue to explore these ideas and others in future posts.

The Takeaway

Question: Want your Sunday message to have the potential of reaching more people in an organic way?
Solution: Atomize your sermon notes and resources in a way that they can easily be shared to Facebook throughout that next week.

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