In our most recent post, we shared with you some of the findings from the Pew Research report regarding smartphone usage in America. In this report, we found that 64% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind. With this, it is a foregone conclusion that smartphones are in fact a part of our daily life.

This reality is what is driving the question we often hear, “Do I need a mobile app for my church?”  Or, “Can I just use my mobile friendly website to best position us to reach this digital culture?”

At first glance, one might think both ways represent the same experience for the end user, but this is where the similarities end and differentiation begins.

A recent survey was put out by Nielsen on the use of apps versus the mobile web browser. In their report, they found that a whopping 89% of all smartphone users spent their time on media using mobile apps.

This means just 11% of their time was spent on media through the mobile web browser.

That’s huge!

I guess you could say people have voted and the results are in. 64% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind and of them 89% of their time on media was spent using apps versus 11% using the mobile web. The good news about these statistics are the clarity they bring with regards to what people want and where people are.

What a huge advantage this is for us as we together consider how best to carry our Sunday morning experience throughout the other days of the week. It’s time we seriously consider deploying an app for our churches to best tap the digital culture we now find ourselves in.

Why are people usings apps more than simply just a mobile optimized website? Well, there are several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is functionality. An app comes naturally to a mobile device as it is written in the language of the mobile device you are accessing it through. With this, it sets up the user experience in a way that far outshines that of a mobile website experience hands down.

You can also think of the app experience as an all-inclusive resort for church members and community. There’s no going to the web browser on your smartphone, entering in the church website address and then logging in. With the app, you will find speed, convenience and accessibility key factors in differentiating between the two. You just download the app and you’re in. This is critical in this fast paced and on the go culture we live in.

QUESTION: What else can the app experience offer you versus a mobile website?

ANSWER: Well, where else can you interact with your church throughout the week by:

  • Reading the Bible together with our daily reading plan (Did you know we have over 40 different Bible versions in our app?)
  • Mobilize church members with prayer alerts through the use of push notifications
  • Interact within your church services by offering an in-app experience with offering real-time polls and signals to them to engage with. (Check out our exclusive partnership with Proclaim and their excellent tools for the church)
  • Privately journal your personal and intimate walk with God.
  • Live stream and podcast accessibility on the go.

And of course its all featured under one roof your website, social media pages, online giving, and much much more.

All of this is available to you within your custom church app. It’s all-inclusive and meets your church members and community right where they’re at. All they have to do is open the app and connect with their church. There are endless opportunities to help them navigate daily the their relationship with God. And guess what? You get to be right in the middle of it!

With Custom Church Apps, we don’t want our apps to simply be something shiny that just sits on the shelf collecting dust. We truly want to see our apps used to help you further build momentum in your church.

Please take 2 minutes and fill out the 30-Day trial form and let us build you an app for your church, try if FREE for 30 days and see how much it can help you connect with today’s mobile culture.