APPS IN FOCUS: Living Faith Fellowship Answers 3 Vital Questions

Custom Church Apps is honored to partner with so many churches, and ministries from all over the world, that are doing some incredible work in the Kingdom. So we wanted to reach out to a few ministries, and ask them three questions about how having a smartphone app has made an impact.

Living Faith Fellowship

In this post, we’ve reached out to Adam Ratliff of Living Faith Fellowship, based in Pullman, Washington. His team has done an amazing job customizing the app for their ministry. In fact, we are always hearing from churches who see the Living Faith Fellowship app; and want to know how they too can customize their app, like Living Faith Fellowship has.

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Custom Church Apps: “Adam, what made you decide it was time to get an app?”

Adam Ratliff: “We reached a point where we were maintaining too many systems for internal communication, and not seeing enough effectiveness in engaging our membership with online tools. We realized that “more” is not always best, and decided to double down on a mobile app as our primary form of engagement.

Since deploying our app, we have begun a year-long process of retiring over a dozen websites, databases, and home brew systems devoted to internal communication. Our overall engagement with our congregation is up, and our volunteer hours spent on maintenance is way down.”

Custom Church Apps: “What do you like most about your app?”

Adam: “The home screen interface is my favorite part of the CCA platform. Its flexibility with graphics and navigation allows us to create a “magazine cover” feel – frequently changing the look, but maintaining the core navigation and features. On Sunday morning, our congregation follows along with the announcements on the app, allowing easy access to actionable items like event signups and giving.”

Custom Church Apps: “How is it impacting your ministry at church?”

Adam: “I spent over a year looking at mobile app companies and comparing features. The moment I saw CCA’s Bible Reading functions, I knew I had found a solution that matched my Senior Pastor’s passion for getting people into the Word of God. The app provides a daily value to our members beyond just a podcast player or push notifications. We are seeing more people spending time in the Bible and in daily devotions because of our Custom Church Apps partnership.”

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