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Moms and Mobile Apps

It’s 5:30am on Monday morning. Alarms are going, kids are racing around to get ready, making breakfasts, coffees, prepping lunches; and all the while, trying to get everyone out of the door by 6:55am.  No small task, that’s for sure. Life comes at us fast, and furious.  The busyness of life for [...]

Digital Bibles: Do they help in church?

A recent Barna/American Bible Society study found that more than half of Americans say they want to read their Bibles more. Interestingly enough, the study also found that half of all Americans believe that the Bible has too little influence on American society today. Pew Research report showed that 64% of American adults own [...]

The One Question Pastors Ask Us Over and Over

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to connect with hundreds of churches nationwide regarding apps, smartphones, and the Kingdom of God. Over the course of these connect points, there was one hot button that seemed to resonate with church after church after church. “Push Notifications” For those who currently have a starter [...]

2 Things Churches Are Doing To Engage Members During Church

It's no secret that even in church, people are using their smartphones constantly. As a matter of fact, in a recent report, Pew Research found that 64% of Americans now own a smartphone of some kind.  This is exciting news, many are actually using their smartphone during church not just for checking how many [...]

6 Major Differences Between Mobile Apps And Mobile Websites

In our most recent post, we shared with you some of the findings from the Pew Research report regarding smartphone usage in America. In this report, we found that 64% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind. With this, it is a foregone conclusion that smartphones are in fact a part of our [...]

FACT: Smartphones Are Now Part Of Our Daily Life.

Recently, Pew Research released a report on U.S. Smartphone use in 2015. In this wide ranging report, some key statistics stood out in regards to not only how many Americans own a smartphone, but also how they are using their smartphones. The report found that 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of [...]

What the Church Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show

We are not called to be of the world, but definitely in the world. Knowing this, we believe the Tonight Show can teach us all a lot about how we can use social media to reach more people. They are the best at maximizing social media. It seems like every time you turn around, you [...]

3 Reasons You Should Get A Church App

The future of mobility can seem so blurry and confused without the right information. Pastors and ministry leaders are often asking us at Custom Church Apps if they should get a church app now or wait? Is it really a necessity for their ministry? Are they worth the initial investment? Will apps stay around or are [...]