How to Make Announcements Count

By the time they’ve heard the announcement, listened to the sermon, and picked up their children, people are leaving and have completely forgotten about the upcoming event. Even if you have signup tables in the lobby, they may pass right by them on the way out the door.

Is Your Church Live Streaming?

Live streaming your church service is a lot easier, and more affordable than you think! And live streaming from within your custom church app, makes your services more accessible than ever, bringing them right into the palm of your community’s hand. Over the past year, we have seen the need for broadcasting live, explode. However

Moms and Mobile Apps

It’s 5:30am on Monday morning. Alarms are going, kids are racing around to get ready, making breakfasts, coffees, prepping lunches; and all the while, trying to get everyone out of the door by 6:55am.  No small task, that’s for sure. Life comes at us fast, and furious.  The busyness of life for us Moms is

3 Reasons You Should Get A Church App

We see a great value in having a custom branded church app, but we encourage people to take a look at the facts, and let them guide their decision. In March wrote about this massive trend to apps taking place. People are using apps consistently every day because of the easy of use and convenience they