Customizable Icons: We can actually do that?

Custom Icons

How cool is this? Customizing the look of your app just got 1000 times better!

This week we are releasing yet another industry-first, church app feature.  The addition of more icons to choose from, for a button, or tab, in your custom plan app.

The new icon libraries include over a thousand options, which include more modern line-based icons. This new library of options also allows you to locate those hard to find icons, by typing in keywords to find related symbols. All of this, of course, goes hand in hand with what we tell people all of the time…

“You don’t need to be a coder to build an app with Custom Church Apps. We make it easy for you to create an app experience, that people in your church will not only love, but also use.”

But, let’s not stop there… what if we also told you, that your custom plan app can actually upload your own custom SVG files, to use as a button icon?

Yep.. that too!

We are very excited about this new update, which is available with our custom app plan. We love that it will provide our church partners even greater possibilities, to create an app experience that is uniquely them(you), as you deploy a smartphone app that glorifies Him.

So, as you can see, with customizable icons for your app; in answer to your question.. “Yes, we actually can do that!”

If you are on a starter plan with us, upgrade today to a custom plan, and give your app a thousand new possibilities.

For those of you who are currently on a custom plan, these new customizable icons and the ability to upload your custom SVG file, are live now in your console. (Of course, we only want to post this, when ready.)