Digital Bibles: Do they help in church?

A recent Barna/American Bible Society study found that more than half of Americans say they want to read their Bibles more. Interestingly enough, the study also found that half of all Americans believe that the Bible has too little influence on American society today.

Pew Research report showed that 64% of American adults own a smartphone of some kind. In this, often times it has been thought, much like that of a movie theater, the smartphone has developed a bit of a reputation as a distraction. But, what if we could turn this distraction into an opportunity?

The majority of a church congregation is sitting in your church each and every weekend with a smartphone, and potentially a digital Bible and note taking journal?

Do you want to know what the #1 feature on our custom church app platform is? The Bible!

It keeps users coming back more and more and more to actually use the app on a regular, and often, daily basis. They use it Sunday and also throughout the week.

There are over 40 translations of the Bible on our app along with a customizable daily reading plan. There is both a digital and audio option. Pastors tell us not only are people downloading their church’s app, they are actually using their church’s app on a daily basis to draw near to God. We love hearing that. We didn’t want to develop an app for churches just for the sake of creating some shiny new podcast player so we can say how relevant we are. We wanted to develop an app that will help churches better connect with people, build momentum around the ministry that is happening and furthermore help churches take their content to the digital culture we now find ourselves in throughout the week.

What does this mean for your church? What can you do about the data?

  • We know over 64% of adults own smartphones now.
  • We know people are using their smartphone apps 10+ times a day on average.
  • 68% of smartphone owners use their phone at least occasionally to follow along with breaking news events.
  • 67% use their phone to share pictures, videos, or commentary about events happening in their community.
  • 56% use their phone at least occasionally to learn about community events or activities.

Why not meet people right where they’re at?

What if for that next sermon series you are planning, you could create a customized chapter by chapter daily Bible reading plan for your church community? They could read along with you from Sunday to Sunday right inside your church app?

What if for your small groups ministry you could create a customized daily Bible reading plan and devotional for your community to follow along with throughout the week?

What if for men’s group, women’s group, youth group…

What if we got people reading the Bible again and not just while they’re in church, but also… once they leave church.. everyday, wherever they are and stay connected to the church at the same time.

Let us help you better connect with today’s mobile culture! If you would like us to build you a free app to try for 30 days simple click the link below. At any time you can upgrade to a church app custom branded with your name and graphics in the app stores.