Live streaming your church service is a lot easier, and more affordable than you think! And live streaming from within your custom church app, makes your services more accessible than ever, bringing them right into the palm of your community’s hand.

Over the past year, we have seen the need for broadcasting live, explode. However we frequently hear questions related to cost, and necessary equipment, being the perceived barriers to offering this experience. So we thought we would reach out to Kevin Weimer, President at WorshipStream, to learn more about live streaming, and the impact it can make on your church ministry.

Custom Church Apps: What are the benefits of live streaming your church services?

WorshipStream: That’s what is great about live streaming. It has become so easy to setup and use that churches are finding a number of ways to use this technology to better connect with their audience. You can easily send your message all over the globe at an affordable rate, while staying connected to your local church body. If anyone is traveling or comes down sick, they don’t have to miss a thing when you stream your services.

How easy is it to actually live stream your church services?

WorshipStream: This is actually easier than most people realize, using equipment that the church probably has already. Here is a typical setup:

  • Camera to capture the video and audio feed
  • Computer to import the camera feed
  • Encoding software to process the feed for streaming
  • Internet connection to send your feed to our platform for live streaming

What equipment would you recommend to maximize the live stream experience?

WorshipStream: We recommend churches just get started where they are, and don’t wait to make it perfect. You can always add more cameras, a video switcher, and other equipment down the line. You can start with a single camera that feeds into the encoding software on your laptop. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll get up and running in no time!

When you live stream your service, is it also made available to view on demand, in archives?

WorshipStream: Yes we offer auto archiving but we recommend that customers record locally as well. This provides a safety backup in addition to the fact that some churches prefer to edit their service videos before uploading it to our platform for their audience.

Can you share one story from a church that live streams, and how it has been used to minister to their community?

WorshipStream: We really appreciate all that you have done to help us get our live streaming up and active. This has been a fantastic ministry for our church. We have many senior members who were unable to attend services, and members on the road or on vacation. They now worship right along with us by watching on their mobile device, computer or TV.

If we wanted to start live streaming our services; how long would it take to get set up, and begin live streaming?

WorshipStream: Once you have the necessary equipment in place, you can start streaming within 24 hours. We do recommend testing plenty in advance before you invite people to watch your first service. We love to help people get setup!

Where can we go to find out more information, or sign up, for live streaming?

WorshipStream: We welcome you to take our product tour and learn more about our free 30-day trial. If you use customchurchapps for the promo code, we can give you 10% off whatever monthly subscription plan you choose!

We, at Custom Church Apps, are honored to partner with WorshipStream; and we invite you to partner with them as well! Simply sign up to start streaming your services live, and begin offering your community a whole new experience, with far more accessibility.