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Project Description

A Place to Belong
We’re all in this together. No matter our history, circumstances, failures or accomplishments, we’re all human and all need love and acceptance. That’s why the church exists—and why you belong. Good deeds have never saved anyone. We’re all humans with the same needs that can be found through Jesus, and we want to help others also.

WE Love People
Visiting a church can be intimidating. At East Pointe Church we make it our priority to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and loved. We are a place where everyone is welcomed, valued, and encouraged. We are meeting in a small group setting, getting to know one another and living LIFE together.

Our Mission:
We are passionate about following God, strategic about making disciples and Relentless in Reaching the Lost.

We are to Engage, Empower, and Enlarge
• Engage – Serve the local church and surrounding communities.
• Empower – Positively impact and equip today’s congregation for a Lifetime of Ministry, both in the church and in their everyday LIFE.
• Enlarge – To lead, teach, and nurture others to maturity in Christ and to a passion for the Lost

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Project Details

Skills Needed: