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Project Description

Grace Fellowship Church is answering the cry for freedom! A freedom from the spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological bondage that plagues a fallen world. We are bringing the message of hope! A message that declares “Jesus, the messiah, has come and that we, his people, bring His Kingdom with us!” Grace Fellowship Church is partnering with the Kingdom of Heaven in seeing the joy of the Lord, the partnership with his revelatory Spirit, and the courageous obedience of his saints to bring breakthrough to this enslaved world. We believe that, through the Grace oriented relationship between God and ourselves, as well as the Fellowship of the body with one-another, Grace Fellowship is to be a beach-head from which King Jesus will break off the chains of anyone willing. Join us as we witness brokenness, defeat, disease, discouragement, and poverty left behind, and the joyous rule of Jesus established on this earth.

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