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Custom Plan

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Pricing Plans Explained

The Starter Plan is FREE for 30 days and then price goes to $19.95 per month.

Custom Plan: No Contract

Church Size Setup Fee Monthly
1-299 $999.95 $49.95
300-999 $999.95 $59.95
1000-4999 $999.95 $69.95
5000-9999 $999.95 $99.95
10,000+ $999.95 $129.95

Custom Plan: Two Year Contract

Church Size Setup Fee Monthly
1-299 None $89.95
300-999 None $99.95
1000-4999 None $109.95
5000-9999 None $139.95
10,000+ None $169.95

We so appreciate the Custom Church Apps team. They have helped us create a custom church mobile app that allows us to better connect with our people. Ultimately, this helps our people better connect with God. We really enjoy working with them and highly recommend their service!

Elevation ChurchSteven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church

Common Questions

What is a “Starter” app?

Our starter app is called “My Church App”. It has been developed as an affordable way to get an app for your church. My Church App gives you most of the features of our custom app but it has no setup fees and a lower monthly cost. It is ready for download immediately. All you need to do is have people download the My Church App and then select your church on the finder page. From there you have a custom experience.

What is a “Custom” app?

Our Custom app upgrade means you get a custom branded app listed under your name in the app stores. People will download your app and connect with you exclusively. We will deploy your very own app to the iTunes App Store and Google Play. You decide your app name, store descriptions, and custom designs for your app icon and launch screen. We handle all of the setup and deployment of your app. There is no programming or development skills required by you. We do all the hard stuff. You will also have your church app in the My Church App.

How does the FREE 30 day trial work?

Our free 30 day trial allows you to use our exclusive custom app builder console and My Church App with no charge and no commitment for 30 days. You can customize the app to your look and feel, show the leadership team, and get feedback from the church. You can cancel your plan at any time during the trial period if it’s not exceeding your hopes. If you decide you like what you see, then you don’t need to worry about anything! The plan you choose will simply go into effect as soon as the trial period ends.

How does the FREE 30 day trial work for custom apps?

If you select the custom app you can immediately test drive the app functionality within the My Church App while waiting for your app to be approved in the stores. Unfortunately it is impossible to simply trial the full branded app, because to do this requires us to do all of the setup work (which is why there is a setup fee), and to fully deploy your app to the app stores. Therefore, the 30 day trial is waived on the custom plan. If you want to just try the free version first you can upgrade at any time to the custom plan. Once you have selected the custom plan, the clock starts ticking and as soon as we have your information we submit your custom app to the stores for approval. This process normally takes 5-10 days.

What happens after I sign up for the FREE 30 day trial?

After signing up, the app you designed will go live in the My Church App. You will have continued access to the custom app console where you can continue adding and editing your content. You can download the My Church App in both app stores. Simply search “My Church App” in the iOS App Store or in Google Play. Once downloaded, enter your church name, Pastor’s name, or location and click on your church. After you’ve completed these steps the app will always open directly to your church.

What happens after I sign up for a custom app?

Once you sign up for a custom app you will be charged the one time setup fee and the monthly subscription based on your church size. You will then need to fill out the additional custom app fields in the console. After signing up, one of our My Church App team members will contact you within 24 hours M-F. The team member will assist you throughout the setup and deployment process. You have immediate access to your console and immediate access to the My Church App which allows you to see exactly what your app will look like. Our team will work with you to handle all of the designs of your app icon and launch screen, and handle all of the setup and deployment of your app.

How long does it take for my branded app to be live?

We strive to have your app live on the iTunes App Store and Google Play in about 10 days from signing up and submitting your information. A lot depends on how fast your graphics and information are submitted. The quicker your designs are completed the quicker we can deploy your app to the stores. The approval time for iTunes is approximately 5-10 days from submitting your app. Google has an automated approval process so once your Android app is deployed it will be available for download the same day. Our goal is to get your app approved as quickly as possible without compromising any quality of work along the way.

Can I upgrade to a branded app later on?

Yes! Many churches begin with the starter app plan and then later upgrade to their own branded app. Custom app customers get the best of both worlds, they always remain in the My Church App in addition to having their own custom app.

What platforms will My Church App work on?

Our current iOS platform supports both iPhone and iPad. Our Android platform supports phones and tablets running 3.0 and higher. Our Android platform can be downloaded on all Android phones and tablets. We are developing a Windows version later this year in addition to an HTML5 web based version of My Church App later down the road. These will be a free upgrade to our users.

What about software updates?

Another great reason to use our platform is that we handle all the updates for you! If you select either our starter or custom packages we will always update your app as needed. These updates are at no additional cost to you and might include bug fixes, performance updates, and overall platform enhancements.

How does the Bible feature work?

Our app has the most advanced Bible app feature in any brandable app platform. You can pick the default Bible version for your app in the console. End users can pick font size and lighting options. There are over 40 versions of the Bible to choose from and Audio is available with some versions.

How does the journal feature work?

The journal is cloud based and powered by Pursue Journal. It makes taking sermon notes a breeze! You can share your journal entries anytime on social media, text, or email with the click of a button. The “cloud” means you do not take up your mobile device’s memory and entries automatically sync between your phone, tablet, and computer.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time via the console. We do not offer refunds unless there is a particular circumstance that warrants a refund. Your subscription will be canceled at the last day of your billing cycle.

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