We recently published a blog post, regarding one of the top questions we hear from pastors all of the time. In the article, we wrote this:

Push notifications are a big deal! A push notification allows you to push information like special announcements, service reminders, new app content, prayer requests, or anything else you want to share, directly to your app users and their smartphone.

Push notifications are also a great feature to use, when wanting to build off of the momentum of your weekend services, throughout the week.

Along with this, a recent report by Localytics, as part of their annual app user retention study, found this about push notifications:

  • In the U.S., Localytics found a 56 percent user retention rate, for users accepting push notifications.
Push Notifications

Would you like to have a 56% user retention rate, on an app for your church? This means people are not just downloading the app once, and maybe using it sporadically, but they’re actually using the app regularly. This also means that the app adds value to their everyday life experience.

What we find amazing about this report, is that within our own apps, we are experiencing an industry leading 87% returning user rate.

Push notifications present a unique opportunity for you to engage your church throughout the week, as you build on the momentum happening each week, within your own church services.

Whether it be a push notification as reminder for that community service project, life-level application from the recent sermon, or even to mobilize your church around an urgent prayer need; push notifications allow to you inspire, mobilize, engage, and connect with your church anytime, and anywhere.

With Custom Church Apps, we are taking push notifications to a whole new level. Right now, we are releasing an exciting update to the push notification feature, which is available on our custom plan.

With this new update, we are the first church app company to offer both the ability to schedule your push notification, as well as direct it to a specific screen inside your church app.

Actions can be specified, which takes place when the user opens a push notification. Almost anything that can be navigated to, within the app, can be tied to a push notification. For example, as shown in the screenshot below, the push notification could take the user immediately to the “Join a Small Group” form.  Other examples could include opening a web page, or going to a specific podcast, or Bible verse.

Scheduled Push Notifications

Schedule your push notification from any computer, when it’s convenient for you. If you need to make any last minute edits, no worries! Scheduled push notifications that have not yet been sent, can be edited, or removed, from the new “Scheduled” tab at any time.

As you can now see, push notifications really have just gone to a whole new level. If you are on a starter plan with us, upgrade today to a custom plan; and let us unlock this new opportunity for your ministry to reach people, in real time, right where they’re at.

For those of you who are currently on a custom plan, this week begins the roll out of this new enhancement for push notifications, to all of our apps currently in the app store. Be on the lookout soon, for this new capability to go live in your app console.

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