Questions from You: How can we best utilize this app in our church ministry?

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This is such a critical question.

At Custom Church Apps, we don’t want to just build you an app, we want to partner with you to crowdsource ideas to help you and your church… get the most out of your app.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

The best way to get others to use the app is by first… using the app.

One of the things we like to recommend in the initial stages of building your app is by offering a FEEDBACK button on your app. Now of course, when you bring up feedback, most people will automatically assume look and feel. But, what we recommend goes beyond that.

The best feedback that will lead to widespread usage of the app by your church and community is feedback that paves the road for collaboration. In this, the feedback we seek from ministry leaders and church staff is this…

How can we best utilize this app in our church ministry?

Offering this type of feedback from the start is invaluable. For one, it fosters a culture of collaboration that can be used to maximize the momentum already occurring in your ministry. It also fosters another critical component and that is of team ownership.

Nothing says I want to download that app and use it like your own staff and church ministry leaders first downloading the app and using it. When your church members and community see the life level application of such a tool by their leaders, guess what? They’ll want to use it too.

So spending time collaborating with your team in how you can best put this tool to work for your church ministry is absolutely critical.

How will you use it?

The great news in this is that there are a lot of unique ways you can put this app to work for your church and see it become a tremendous asset to your ministry.

In previous posts, we have discussed the latest research. And what we found in the data is that the tipping point has arrived. The smartphone is at the center of connectivity with a vast majority of those even within your midst.

Why not meet them right where they’re at?

How are others using the app to create increased momentum in their own church and ministry? Here’s a short list of how others are putting the app to work for them:

  1. Online Giving – by offering a giving option in-app, many churches we work with have seen upwards of a 10% increase in overall giving just by making it accessible and convenient in-app.
  2. Bible Reading – by creating their own customized daily Bible reading plan and devotional, churches are using this feature to further connect their church members to the Bible by creating a plan that is in step with their current sermon series.
  3. Call to Pray – with the recent success at the box office for the War Room movie, people all over the country are joining together daily in prayer. This is amazing. Many churches are using their app to mobilize people to prayer by utilizing the push notification feature in the app. Others are becoming more accessible to prayer requests by offering a prayer request button in-app.
  4. Livestream Worship – wherever your churchgoers are, they can take part in your worship services live in-app. More and more we are hearing from churches who are both currently live streaming their services or intend to be live streaming their services over the course of the near future.

These are just 4 of many ways churches are putting this app to work for them. But of course, the app can also be a great place to RSVP for an event, listen to your church podcast, or even check out what’s happening on the church Facebook or Instagram pages.

But along with this, there is also another lens to which we should offer feedback on the use of this app and we’ll write about that question in our next post. But for starters, here it is:

How will it benefit our church members and their walk with God?

In the meantime, if you currently have a church app, how are you best utilizing the app in your church ministry?

We’d love to hear from you on how you’re using it. Email me at and who knows, we might just feature your ideas in future posts.

If you don’t currently have a church app, we’d be honored to build you one that you can test drive for free for 30 days. To get started, just click banner below.

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