The Power Of Push Notifications

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to connect with hundreds of churches nationwide regarding apps, smartphones, and the Kingdom of God. Over the course of these connect points, there was one hot button that seemed to resonate with church after church after church.

“Push Notifications”

For those who currently have a starter plan app to those who have recently upgraded, the question we consistently hear pastors ask us over and over is…

  • “What is a push notification?” or
  • “When can we start using push notifications?”

Push notifications are a big deal! A push notification allows you to push information like special announcements, service reminders, new app content, prayer requests, or anything else you want to share directly to your app users and their smartphone.

Push notifications are also a great feature to use when wanting to build off the momentum of your weekend services throughout the week.

What if you could use push notifications throughout each week to help your church community to:

  1. Retain the lessons found in your sermon
  2. Apply the lessons found in your sermon
  3. Be transformed by applying the lessons found in your sermon
  4. Multiply the lessons found in your sermon

It can be as simple as a few call to actions throughout the week that will invite your church to engage the message multiple times before you meet again the next Sunday. Or even, as we have previously mentioned in past blog posts, to mobilize your church community for prayer around an urgent matter.

Of course, this is one of many features our app experience has available for you and not only is it a great feature to have for your app, it’s also a feature that directly impacts user retention of your app.

After all, if we are going to have an app, we want people to actually use the app and that means returning to the app time and time again.

We are proud to say that we hold the church app industries highest “returning user rate” of 87%. That’s unheard of in mobile apps. Why so high? Because our platform is relevant to the end user. It provides something they not only want, but also need.

Having an app for your church is not about simply having a shiny new toy. It’s about having a resource for your church community that will allow you to grow together in your personal journey with God. Custom Church Apps provides your church with these features and more.

Recently, Localytics released their latest report from their annual app user retention study. And here’s what they found:

  • In the U.S., Localytics found a 56 percent user retention rate for users accepting push notifications.

How much more could this be when one applies the Kingdom to the equation? And this is just with using push notifications. With the 40+ Bible translations, reading plan, and journal features, our retention rate is the through the roof.

With 64% of Americans owning a smartphone and of them 89% are accessing media on their smartphones via an app, people are most definitely using their apps daily.

Why not position the ministry of your church to be right in the middle of this usage?

With the push notification feature, it is just one of many reasons churches are making the choice to upgrade their apps with Custom Church Apps.

Along with other upgrade features like analytics, customized Bible reading plans and unique branding in app stores, Custom Church Apps will help you better connect with your congregation. We are excited to partner with you in together seeking to reach the digital culture for the Kingdom.

NOTE: You can easily upgrade your account to include Push Notifications in your custom app console.