For pastors, preparing their next sermon on giving can be a challenge. They know giving can be a sensitive topic. In fact, 44 percent of Americans say that personal finance is the most difficult subject to discuss with others, even more than politics, religion, or death! 

The truth is that your church members benefit from meaningful sermons on stewardship and biblical financial principles. As they begin to understand and apply these principles to their lives, they will begin to develop a heart of generosity, which is a key step in every person’s discipleship journey. In the end, it also helps maintain the overall health of your congregation.

If you’re a pastor preparing your next money-related sermon, take some time to watch the following powerful sermons. We hope they will inspire you and provide ideas for teaching your congregation how to be better stewards and develop a heart of generosity.

Because “giving” is such a broad topic, we’ve broken these sermons down into four categories:

  1. Sermons on giving
  2. Sermons on stewardship
  3. Sermons on finances
  4. Sermons on tithes

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