One of the great challenges churches face today is better connecting with people that visit for the first time. It’s hard to introduce new people to everything you are doing, and let them know how much you care in the short few minutes of announcements. This is very true on Easter Sunday, the service is too jam-packed as it is. This is where a church app makes such a huge difference.

With Easter weeks away, here are a few reasons why your ministry needs a church app…

By directing people to your mobile app at the start of your announcements, you make it easy for people to connect, and get acquainted with so much more about your church than the regular announcement time allows. Here are a few simple examples of how real churches are better connecting with new people:

1) Visitors often don’t identify themselves on the first visit.

They are checking you out and deciding if they want to engage in a further relationship. By introducing your guests each week during announcements to your mobile app, you allow them a nonintrusive way to quickly and easily get to know your church better. Your app will introduce them to your events, small groups, specialized ministries, social media, and so much more.

2) Go digital and get more!

That’s right, when you allow people the option to digitally fill out a connect card, visitor card, or event card, you will quickly learn you get more responses. When new people download your app in church, they often will not (at that point) fill out the visitor card or event form; but after your preaching and meeting some nice people on the way out, they will have a change of heart and end up filling out the digital form that night. This is a common experience of churches that use our app.

3) Events are a great way to get people better connected to church life.

How do you get people to attend your events? (A very common problem.) By using digital event forms in your mobile app, you allow people to sign up during announcements so they don’t forget to do so after the service, when the kids are wanting to get lunch right away… By offering a digital option to sign up for your events you increase your signups, total attendance, and you also offer the ability to share the event on social media right from the app!

4) Push Notifications are a huge help to staying connected with people that come to your Easter event.

The following week, you can let them know about the upcoming message, an event, or simply remind them on Saturday afternoon of your Sunday service times. The best part about Push Notifications is that people receive them right on their phone, and it opens them up to your app again. When the app is opened they are reintroduced to everything going on at your church!

As you can see, a mobile app can help you better connect with people during, and after the service. They help with both new visitors and current members.