There’s a myth that live streaming a church service is for mega churches only. However, we have found this to not be true at all. Small and big churches alike are finding great value in having live streaming for their regular attenders. Why, you ask? Well, streaming church services no longer is about reaching distant crowds; it’s focus is keeping your regular congregants from becoming strangers.

Check out these 5 great reasons why your church needs to get Customlivestreaming!

1) Stay Connected with Church Members

Pastors know that 60% of their church members regularly attend on any given weekend. The 40% absent that week are oftentimes a parent stuck at home with a sick kid, someone away on business, or an elderly person unable to attend.  Live streaming helps them stay engaged with your ministry even when they can’t be there in person.

2) Attract New Church Members by Live Streaming

A church’s online presence is the first impression people have for most churches today. 33% of adults will visit a church’s website or download a church’s app prior to visiting the church.  They can discover if the church is a good fit before ever stepping a foot in the building. Adding a live-streaming service is a great way to get potential visitors to actually attend a service.

3) Reconnect with Previous Members Online

Many college-age students, deployed military, and hospital patients are not able to physically attend church eventually lose touch with their church. Watching a livestream of your service allows them to stay connected with you. By bringing your service to them, they can truly feel like your church is still their home church. (It’s also a good idea to greet your online visitors every week so they know you appreciate their participation.)

4) Help Share Important Moments

Imagine all of the special events that happen at your church every year: weddings, baby dedications, graduations, and many more. Now, think of how great it would be to share those events with people who cannot attend. Live streaming those precious moments allows people to connect with their loved ones during these special events.

5) Live Streaming Is Affordable

Live streaming is no longer a luxury for just mega churches. For less than $10/month with CustomlivestreamingTM, your church can have their own in-app live streaming. With a simple camera, computer and an internet connection, your church can offer a wonderful tool for staying connected with your church members.