Make Jesus Famous

It’s that time again! Time for another installment of Apps In Focus, where we interview a new church each week, asking 3 vital questions about how Custom Church Apps has impacted their ministry. We are delighted to partner with churches and ministries from all over the world, that are doing incredible work for the Kingdom.

In today’s installment we talk to Joel Negus of Gateway Heights Church, located in Cleveland, Ohio. What an amazing job Joel’s team has done, with the customization of their app.

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Joel Negus, what made you decide it was time to get an app?

“The majority of our people use smartphones. When we came across Custom Church Apps and realized how simple it was to have a mobile app, we jumped on it right away. The affordable price, excellent design, easy setup and excellent customer service have kept us as happy customers.”

What do you like most about your app?

“Through the easy editing platform, we love how we do not need to make multiple updates to both a website and an app. We also love how easy it is to plug in our design into their customizable templates. Ultimately, we love how are people engage in our church with the content we’re providing to further our mission: to make Jesus famous.”

How is it impacting your ministry at church?

“The GHC app gives immediate access to content that works alongside our various happenings in the church. Whether it is a Sunday service, community group or listening to podcasts, the app helps our people to stay connected to each other and to what God is teaching us as a church.”

Have you started building an app for your church, or ministry organization? If not, we’d love to build you an app that you can test drive for FREE, for 30 days.