In 2012, Reach Church was founded in a small living room with a big mission: Be the Church, Reach the City. Now meeting weekly at a local high school, they’ve planted three churches from their main campus in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.

“Something I love about our church is that it’s really a community where you don’t have to perform, but you can be yourself.” —Stephen Garcia, communications and media

With a heart for their community and a passion to help them overcome the hurry of everyday life, Reach leadership looked for ways to simplify their processes through technology—and we’ve partnered with them ever since. From day one, the Reach mobile app on the Subsplash Platform has been a home for their congregation, connecting people through media, events, giving, and discipleship opportunities.

In fact, their app was integrated into how they do everything from the very beginning, becoming a key part of the strategy to fulfill their mission. “We didn’t realize how crucial technology would be,” noted Brian McCormack, lead pastor at Reach.

Opting into Subsplash in their early years has had a big impact: “People see the app as a home,” added Stephen Garcia, who oversees the church’s communications and media. Having an app from the start has been instrumental in fostering community in a digital age, where everyday interactions take place largely on mobile devices.

“We opted in when we were young, when resources were low—and as we’ve grown, Subsplash’s support has grown with us. It’s been an amplifier of the things God has been doing, and we’re thankful.” —Brian McCormack

Seeing how good technology can be such an effective amplifier for their ministry, Reach continues to engage their community with mobile apps, digital giving, media, and more. And as they grow and plant more communities, they already have the tools they need to start strong.

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