Building meaningful connections relies heavily on having an effortless way to communicate with your community. A well-thought-out website and mobile app create more opportunities to facilitate effective communication—but without well-rounded strategies to drive authentic interaction, they can feel one-sided. By adding Subsplash Messaging to your custom mobile app, you can instantly provide your church with a safe and secure environment to engage with one another and build personal relationships! 

Whether it’s sharing a prayer request, coordinating food donation deliveries, or taking a minute to encourage one another, this powerful solution enables effortless and connection-building communication in real-time. Here are four simple steps to help your community stay connected —not just informed—with Subsplash Messaging.


1. Get started right away

Getting Subsplash Messaging set up in your custom mobile app is a quick and easy process. Simply log in to your Subsplash Dashboard to sign up or connect with your Client Success Manager to learn more. If you are not currently leveraging the power of the Subsplash Platform, connect with our team of ministry experts to learn more and see Subsplash Messaging in action. 

After signing up, Subsplash Messaging will be available right in your app, helping your community start connecting in no time. The design is user-friendly and intuitive, so all you need to do is allow your group and ministry leaders to start inviting people.


2. Invite Your Team

Your Subsplash Dashboard administrator can easily invite staff and ministry leads by adding their emails into the dashboard—helping take the hard work out of group communication and management for your team. After this one simple step, they will receive invitations to join Subsplash Messaging as channel managers with permission to: 

  • Set up group channels
  • Invite people to join those channels
  • Moderate the conversation
  • Approve adding or removing users from those channels

Getting your leadership excited is important when implementing new systems and technology. Once your team is set up, they can start inviting their participants to start chatting!


3. Create Groups and Channels

Each group in your church has a unique identity, and with Subsplash Messaging they can create unlimited channels with unlimited messaging to foster more meaningful connections. With built-in push notifications, people will never miss a message. Subsplash Messaging will notify users on their mobile device home screen when they have new or unread messages. 

Whether using emojis, posting animated GIFs, or sharing prayer requests, each channel can express their unique characteristics and build authentic relationships.

Send it illustration-100.jpg

4. Share, Respond, and Stay Engaged

The members in your community have a story to share, and continuing to share the ways God is moving in their lives can be an impactful way to maintain spiritual connection. Leveraging different channels to facilitate these types of conversations maintains positive and life-giving relationships. 

In today’s digitally connected world, people are used to instant communication. According to studies, most people expect at least a same-day response when posting a question on a social channel. Adding Subsplash Messaging to your church app allows you to connect with people quickly and to stay digitally engaged with your church.

Adding a real-time communication tool to your custom app is an excellent way to maintain and deepen relationships within your community during a crisis. It also helps to keep your content at the forefront of their in-app engagement.

To learn more about the Subsplash Messaging and how you can leverage technology to take steps towards staying connected, let’s chat

If you’re already using the Subsplash Platform to reach your community and want to discuss adding Messaging, connect with your Client Success Manager today.