New Payments by Subsplash Giving

Since 2016, when Subsplash introduced the first custom-branded in-app giving experience for churches, we’ve stayed focused on helping you Fuel Your Mission™. Subsplash Giving has grown to include essential features like GrowCurve™ and Donor-Covered Fees—putting more of your resources toward ministry—and now we’re so excited to add Payments to the Subsplash Platform! 

With Payments, you can accept funds for events, merchandise, and other purchases through your mobile app or website! And it’s all part of the same safe, secure, and engaging experience you’ve come to expect from Subsplash Giving.

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the full Introducing Payments blog for helpful insights into this new feature, including:

  • More ways to support your mission
  • Fully integrated payments + donations
  • And much more!

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