From the Roman roads to Gutenberg’s printing press to the broadcast ministry of Billy Graham, technology in all its forms has been instrumental in sharing the gospel. But what does it look like for churches to wisely leverage the tools of today—such as social media, mobile apps, and the internet—to make more and better disciples?

For many pastors who are evaluating a new technology for the first time, it can be tempting to skip to practical matters without first asking more foundational and strategic questions. 

“The first question Evangelicals tend to ask about technology,” says Brett McCracken, author of The Wisdom Pyramid and senior editor at The Gospel Coalition, “is usually, ‘How can we use this to meet people where they’re at? How can we have a presence?’” 

In our recent podcast with Brett, he goes on to observe that most church leaders simply want to reach people with whatever tools are available. But however well-intentioned, this approach often produces a discipleship model that’s more pragmatic than it is wise.

Making a meaningful impact online begins with asking the right questions. Here are the top 3 questions every pastor should ask to be wise with technology. 

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