Use a Custom Church App To Reach Your Flock

We live in a world where traditional churches have less impact on the community but when people need spiritual guidance more than ever. Part of the problem is that the world is filled with technology that distracts people from more important matters. While technology may be part of the problem, it can also be part of the solution. Church leaders who want to make a more significant impact should consider creating an app with Custom Church Apps to reach their flock.

In modern society, most people have a smartphone on their person at all times. The device is their primary source of communication as well as an often-used resource for information and entertainment. Given the current importance of mobile devices, and the eternal importance of spiritual matters, it makes sense for church leaders to try and reach their members via their mobile devices. Custom Church Apps makes it possible to create a meaningful connection with your congregation quickly.

An application from Custom Church Apps is the ultimate engagement tool for your ministry. Congregations that use our apps have seen their engagement rates triple, which led to sustained growth for their churches. With an app, ministers can engage with the congregation daily and not just on Sunday morning.

There are multiple features that you can include on your program from Custom Church Apps that can be useful to your congregation. For a start, you can keep the members of your ministry connected by notifications. Let people know when events are happening or if there is special news about a member that everyone should know (e.g., births, passings, etc.). Church leaders can also help their members finish the Bible by setting a reading schedule. The members of your congregation that use the app will have seamless access to more than 40 translations of the Bible. There are also highlighting and note-taking capabilities. And for people with poor eyesight, or who want to listen to the readings on the go, there are audio Bible options.

You can also use your app to increase the range of your services. With Custom Church Apps, you can stream your sermons or events and share them on video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. You can add sermon notes and fill-in-the-blanks sections that help people glean more from your weekly meetings. When paired with the best church management software, you can better know your congregation and communicate more effectively.

Custom Church Apps is more than just a good idea. We have worked with thousands of churches around the world to create apps that allow them to reach more people with their ministries. You can look at some of the apps for yourself and download them to your phone. You can find links to apps for Willow Creek, Dreamer’s Church, Bethel Cleveland and more on our website.

If you’re interested in reaching more people with the good news, sign up for a free trial of Custom Church Apps. We are confident that you will see the value in adding this tool in your ministry and join the more than 7,500 ministries around the world who use our service.