Best church media hosting and church streaming

Churches are prolific content creators. Week after week, they thoughtfully prepare and present content—such as sermons, devotionals, worship songs, and more. But how do you make your gospel-centered content available beyond your church’s walls? By adding a church media hosting and streaming solution to your digital strategy, you enable your community to revisit or engage with your meaningful content while also expanding your reach to a broader audience.

With so many media hosting and streaming solutions for churches to choose from, it’s important to explore the capabilities and limitations of each before deciding on any one provider.

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the full What to look for in a church media hosting & streaming solution article for helpful insights into the most important aspects to look for, including:

  • Website and app integrations
  • One-click publishing
  • Advanced customizations
  • No ads or distractions
  • And much more!

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