Is geo-engagement technology still viable?

Since creating the first church app in 2009, Subsplash has continually looked to the future to equip churches and further the gospel. We’re committed to innovating and providing your church with the best-in-class engagement platform.

One of the big questions facing church engagement technology right now is about how to approach private location data when it comes to reaching your audience. Our team of experts has stayed on top of trends like this to help you make the best possible decision for your ministry.

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the full What’s the future of location-based church engagement? article for helpful insights about the future of geo-based church tools, including:

  • The history of GPS and beacon technology
  • How church apps used location-based services
  • The impact of recent privacy laws on geo-engagement
  • The future outlook for church engagement tools
  • And much more!

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