Church branding

When you think of a “brand”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, it’s a specific product or service like Starbucks coffee or Uber rideshares. Others will say a brand is a logo such as Nike’s swoosh or Apple’s apple. 

But building a brand is much more than just creating a product, service, or logo. At its core, a brand evokes a person’s emotional, gut-level reaction towards any product, service, or organization. 

Every church has their own brand. When people hear the name of your ministry, see your logo, visit your website, or engage with your church online or in person, how do they feel? The impression you have left on them is your brand. 

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the full Why church branding matters—and how to do it article for helpful insights into:

  • Why your church’s brand is important
  • How to discover your current branding
  • What steps you can take to build a strong brand

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