Like many multi-campus churches, Citizen Heights, a Hillsong Family Church, was searching for the best church app to stay connected and engaged with their church family. They joined other multi-campus churches, like Willow Creek Church and Mannahouse, who found that Custom Church Apps offers the easiest and most affordable app solutions for their needs.

Pastor Michael Giroux, a former lawyer and Assistant NY Attorney General, and his team researched several of the most popular church app companies before finally settling on Custom Church Apps.

The reason for their decision is quite simple. Churches want a church app that genuinely engages their community.

Custom Church Apps holds the highest industry “rate of returning users” at 87.5%. In other words, 9 out of 10 people that download an app built by Custom Church Apps will reopen the app and use it time and time again. Compare this to the 30% to 50% average rate of returning users of other church app providers.  

Pastor Michael explains, “Custom Church Apps provided us with a cutting edge platform to develop an app with a streamlined interface and world-class functionality. Our app is helping keep our quickly growing and always-on-the-move church community connected throughout the week here in the Nation’s capital.”

By offering exclusive features that bring people back to the app daily, Custom Church Apps adds that extra interactive content that churches want. Their affordable church apps also include a fully customizable church app builder within their online editing console.

“Custom Church Apps’ extensive menu has given us the ability to customize features, dive deep into functionality and provide a modernized product that looks as good as it performs.” Pastor Michael continues, “Even more striking is how their customer service goes out of their way to help even the truly tech-challenged throughout the development and launch process.”

Custom Church Apps’ flexible app console is ideal for multi-campus churches. Adding extra campuses costs just $10/month more per campus. Each campus has a dedicated app console offering fully customizable content for each campus. Because the app console is so user friendly, churches with little technical staff can still have an amazing multi-campus app at an affordable price.

Pastor Michael sums it up well, “Compared to their competitors, there’s just no comparison. You can pay do-it-yourself prices, but still have a professional app!  We could not be happier with the service, design and end result. Thank you, Custom Church Apps!”