Zoom for church services

Thanks to live streaming and video conferencing, churches and their communities are now able to stay connected in new and exciting ways. But with so many solutions to choose from, it’s important to explore the capabilities and limitations of each option before making your choice.  

You might be considering Zoom due to its rise in popularity. However, the features Zoom offers are significantly limited when compared to dedicated live streaming solutions, and it was not built with the needs of churches in mind.

Due to its numerous issues and limitations, Zoom should not be your go-to live streaming platform for church services…

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading Zoom for Church Services—What to Look Out For for insights into why Zoom is not a great platform for churches to live stream their services, including:

  • Muting issues
  • “Zoom bombing”
  • Media management limitations
  • High costs
  • And much more!

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