Finding new ways to take your content further is important, especially when people are unable to meet in person. Live streaming is a powerful tool that enables your community to gather together in real-time. Having the right practices in place creates an even simpler way for people to regularly and authentically engage with your content.

Here are four ways to create a more engaging and effective live streaming experience:

1. Update your app & website

Make sure your community knows when live events occur (as well as how to tune in) by adding a live streaming section to your app and website. You can go a step further by embedding your live streams with Subsplash web integrations. This is a great way to make it simple for your audience by keeping everything related to live streaming in one place.

Want to see this in action? Head to the Interbay Community Church app and website to see how your community can stay connected through live streaming on the Subsplash Platform.

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2. Get the word out

One of the most effective ways to keep your community notified about upcoming live streams and send reminders is with push notifications. Push notifications can be sent instantly or scheduled in advance right on the Subsplash Dashboard. Once sent, they instantly appear on a user’s mobile device, making for an efficient and accessible way to reach your community and send them straight to your live stream. 

3. Plan ahead

Another option for going “live” on the Subsplash Platform involves recording your content in advance. As a feature of Subsplash Live, “simulated live” allows you to upload a pre-recorded video and stream it live later, giving you more flexibility with your content while also creating an immersive live experience for your audience.

4. Amplify your message

A media library embedded on your website is a great way to take your content further by making it accessible to your community, especially for those who missed a live streamed event or who just want to revisit your meaningful content. Subsplash Live streams can be converted automatically and instantly published to your media library. 

Engage your audience, expand your reach, and take the hard work out of live streaming with the addition of these tips to your current digital strategy. 

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