Innovation plays an important role in any organization’s ability to grow, adapt, and thrive—and it’s no different for churches. Whether you’re a church planter discovering new ways to reach your community, a communications director exploring different approaches for expanding your reach, or a lead pastor dreaming of innovative ways to share the gospel, driving growth in your community requires constant innovation. At its core, innovation helps us become better neighbors and fulfill the Great Commission. 

Pastor, author, and CEO Eugene Cho recently joined our podcast,  Equip & Engage, to share his insights and experience in regards to how innovation propelled Quest Church in Seattle, WA to reach and engage their community. Just one year after launching, they acquired an abandoned warehouse in the heart of their urban neighborhood. As the renovations began, they considered what a small church should do with such a huge space like this.

“Times have changed. We can’t expect to be doing the same exact thing, wanting different results. We have to create innovative spaces by which we can engage in friendship and relationship.”

– Pastor Eugene Cho

To reach a highly unchurched city like Seattle, they decided that the best option was to create a venue that would welcome people who usually do not attend church at all. By opening Q Cafe, a nonprofit community coffee shop, they were able to meet more neighbors in the first few days than they had during the entire first year as a church. This effort alone helped fulfill their mission to reach and impact the people in their community for the kingdom. 


Our team is honored to partner with Quest Church’s mission to reach their community. Innovation is one of our core values, and we strive to deliver the best mobile apps, online giving, websites, live streaming, and more in the industry to help share the gospel and make disciples.

Listen to the full podcast with Eugene Cho

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