4 Ways to Reach and Retain Visitors this Easter

More people attend church on Easter Sunday than any other day of the year. According to Gallup, while less than half of Americans today attend church, 77% still identify with organized religion. This season provides an impactful opportunity for your church to present the gospel to your community. 

With Easter only a few short weeks away, here are some ideas to help your church be intentional about using technology to reach and retain visitors. 

1) Start by Getting Your Website Ready

Get your website ready for Easter visitors

Your website is the digital doorstep to your church. An effectively built website gives visitors the opportunity to get a first hand perspective of a church’s environment, browse current ministries and programs, and listen to a recent sermon series. It’s common for people to visit a church only after visiting its website multiple times. A thoughtfully designed and up-to-date website lets newcomers know exactly what they can expect upon visiting.

Not to mention, with SnapPagesTM you can build a powerful and fully integrated website in a snap that syncs with your mobile app, digital giving, and sermon delivery. 

2) Add an Easter Tab to Your Website and App

Add an Easter tab to your website and app

Begin preparing your website by making a special Easter tab on your website’s homepage. In this tab, you can add information about your Good Friday and Easter events. The Subsplash Platform makes managing your event calendar as simple as possible. New events automatically update across every device and channel with just a few clicks.

Sharing your Easter events is simple with the Subsplash Dashboard

After publishing your events in the new Easter tab, make sure to encourage your community to help get the word out. Ask members to share this information via social media, text, and word-of-mouth. Events created on the Subsplash Dashboard automatically come enabled with a sharing feature that allows anyone to share events from your website on social media or via text message.

3) Engage Your Audience with a Mobile App

Mobile apps are an amazing way to engage your audience

People spend over 3 hours a day using mobile apps. Your visitors are used to using apps on a regular basis, and they’ll appreciate that your church has taken the time to build a mobile app that allows them to stay connected. 

A great way to engage your audience for the first time is by connecting with them where they already spend their time—on their mobile devices. During your announcements, be sure to promote the benefits of using your church’s app for podcasts, videos, giving, event calendars, and much more.

4) Use Your App to Connect with Visitors

Use your app to connect with visitors

Put your connection card on your app. Along with your sermons and podcasts, digitize your forms, bulletins, and sermon notes within your app and website. 

Remind your audience that everything is updated in the app to help them stay connected. A great way to get the word out is by creating some engaging slides that showcase each of your digital resources and speak about how these benefit your community during your announcements on a weekend gathering. 

The Subsplash Platform makes these four steps incredibly easy for you and your ministry. Our simple-to-use dashboard creates a single place to manage all of your digital content. The Subsplash Platform allows you to convert a sermon video into a podcast with just one click. You can upload media once, and it will distribute across all available channels. 

Contact us today to find out how the Subsplash Platform can help your church level up their engagement this Easter and beyond!