2019 was a banner year for Custom Church Apps and for our customers!

We started the year with record-breaking church and user participation around the world. More churches were building apps than ever before. We hired new developers, sales, and support staff to help us innovate new services and better support our existing clients.

In September, our Austin-based team officially became part of Subsplash, the industry-leading technology company focused on engagement and innovation tools for the Church around the world. This allows us to offer more resources to churches, including a website builder, online giving, in-app messaging, and cloud-hosted media delivery. Subsplash has won multiple best workplace awards and is renowned  for its innovations and world-class service. We’re now one team working to complete our unified mission:

“To glorify God and proclaim Jesus is Lord by building a great company that drives for humility, innovation, and excellence to delight millions of people on the Subsplash Platform.”

Check out more of our 2019 highlights

A more authentic way to connect, engage, and build community.

Subsplash Messaging

Subsplash Messaging is the new home for authentic community—and it’s right in your custom mobile app. Whether you need a place to share a private prayer request or coordinate a meal, simply create a new message and send it to your channel. With Subsplash Messaging, you can equip your community to experience effortless communication that builds connections.

Donor-Covered Fees by Subsplash

Donor-Covered Fees

Our heart has always been focused on what’s important—helping your church keep as much of your donations as possible so you can Fuel Your Mission™. That’s why Subsplash Giving has no regular monthly fees and protects you with the highest level of security. You also get the best processing fees in the industry along with GrowCurveTM, a feature that lowers your rates even further as your giving increases. 

Our latest money-saving addition, Donor-Covered Fees, offers donors the option of covering any bank transaction fees when submitting contributions.

Equip & Engage Podcast
Equip & Engage Podcast

Equip & Engage Podcast

We launched the Equip & Engage podcast, exploring how technology serves the mission of the church to make more and better disciples. What does it look like to equip the church to engage the world with the truth of Jesus?

We’ve been asking this question for over a decade, and we’ve found compelling answers in great technology. Join us as we get to the heart of church engagement and the future of ministry. Check it out today—now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify!

You made 2019 EPIC!

Our favorite highlight has been watching hundreds of churches migrate their apps to the Subsplash Platform. Pastors and church leaders around the world are delighted with the new app features, website builder with web tools, giving solutions, along with our media hosting and delivery.

Beyond adding innovative solutions for your church, we added 53 new employees in 2019, all focused on giving your church best-in-class engagement tools to help glorify God and proclaim Jesus is Lord.

We’re believing that 2020 will be the best year so far, and we’re so glad your church is with us on this amazing journey. If your church is not taking advantage of the Subsplash Platform yet, let’s chat!

Happy New Year!