Now more than ever, having a simple, user-friendly digital giving option has become crucial. With in-person gatherings being canceled for many, having a digital giving option that is easily accessible for your community, no matter where they are, is important. Finding a solution that fulfills these needs is equally important because maintaining the receiving of regular tithes and offerings plays an essential role in fulfilling the work of your ministry.

Your church can start accepting digital donations in one business day through in-app, website, and text giving with Subsplash Giving. Even if your church doesn’t have a website, we will provide an online webpage for you to start receiving donations! With no monthly or hidden fees and the best rates in the industry with GrowCurve, you can keep more of your church’s gifts for what matters most—staying connected with your community and fueling your mission. Here are 5 steps to help your organization get digital giving live:

1. Sign Up for Subsplash Giving

Your church can start receiving digital donations through Subsplash Giving in no time after completing our simple signup process.

  • Current Subsplash clients can begin right in the Subsplash Dashboard by clicking the Giving section on the navigation menu and filling out the form. 
  • Not currently using the Subsplash Platform? Not a problem! Fill out this form with the appropriate information regarding your organization.

To speed up the process, have your organization’s bank account information, legal name, and tax ID at the ready. Also, make sure the person filling out the form on behalf of your church has the authority and permission to do so—such as the bookkeeper or lead pastor.

2. Enable Giving in Your App & Website

Once you’ve been approved for Subsplash Giving, now is the time to enable giving on your app and website. This creates more opportunities for your community to faithfully give as an act of worship regardless of being unable to physically gather.

Getting started with in-app giving:

The most efficient way to add Giving to your app is to create a new tab. You can do this once you’re signed up by logging into the Subsplash Dashboard. In a few easy steps, you can get Subsplash Giving live inside your mobile app in no time. Check out this article in our Knowledge Center to get started with adding Giving to your app. 

Getting started with web giving:

To enable Giving on your website, you’ll have two options. You can either use the Subsplash Giving web integration or link a pre-created giving web page our team creates upon sign up to your website. To get started log into the Subsplash Giving Dashboard and follow the steps in this article

The Subsplash Giving user experience for in-app and website donations is the same, creating a seamless way for your community to give in either place. 

3. Set Up Text-to-Give

Text to give is a great feature that is free and available to all Subsplash Giving clients. It’s an easy way to share your Subsplash Giving link with people who haven’t downloaded your app. 

To create your church’s text to give code, you’ll choose a distinct giving keyword that’s 4-20 characters long. Submit your organization’s first and second choice keywords to us through this form. Once your keyword is approved, text giving will be available for your church. 

Try it out for yourself! Text the word “giving” to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483).

4. Get Your Team Involved

Once giving is enabled on your app, website, and via text, gather a group of key team members, like your bookkeeper, executive pastor, and communications director. Take a few minutes to show everyone how to give, answer any questions that may arise, and make sure they feel comfortable teaching others. 

Take this time to discuss questions regarding balancing the books, user permissions, giving campaigns, and more. Identify important next steps in how your church wants to introduce your new digital giving solution to your community. Additionally, your Client Success Manager is a great resource to answer any questions your team may have and to provide effective strategies.

5. Promote & Encourage

Here are some simple ways to promote your new giving solution, keep your community notified and in the loop, and encourage generosity. 

  • Share your Subsplash Giving link in emails and social media posts.
  • Utilizing your mobile app, continue to get the word out through push notifications
  • Share how setting up recurring gifts simplifies this process for automatic giving on a set schedule. 
  • Enable Donor-Covered Fees to give your donors the opportunity to cover the transaction fees when submitting a gift.

If you’re already leveraging the Subsplash Platform and are looking for more strategies and opportunities to stay connected during this time, reach out to your Client Success Manager. 

If you’re ready to get started, or if you want to learn more, let’s chat