Digital giving isn’t the future… It’s today’s reality

Online giving has made it much more convenient to donate to churches. Half of all charitable gifts to churches today are made with a credit card

In fact, churches that offer an online giving option see an average increase of 32% more donations! While the convenience of receiving these gifts offers major benefits, it also often comes at a cost to churches in the form of monthly fees and processing rates. 

Giving your church more

Our heart here at Subsplash has always been focused on what’s important: helping your church keep as much of your donations as possible so you can fuel your mission. That’s why Subsplash Giving has no regular monthly fees and protects you with the highest-levels of security. You can also get the best processing fees in the industry along with GrowCurveTM, a feature that lowers your rates even further as your giving increase. 

Our latest money-saving addition, Donor-Covered Fees, offers your donors the option of covering any bank transaction fees when submitting their contributions.

Donor-covered Fees Benefits

With online giving, some people are not aware of the fees that reduce the amount of their donation that actually gets to your church.

When your church members choose the Donor-Covered Fees option, they ensure the full amount of their donation is received. This means your effective processing rate is 0%. 

Your recurring donors can also choose the Donor-Covered Fees option for their ongoing gifts. It’s as simple as checking or unchecking that option.

Simple tracking of covered donation fees

Your Subsplash Giving Dashboard allows you to see all of the covered donation fees at a glance. While there are clear benefits from using Donor-Covered Fees, your dashboard also allows you to turn the option for showing Donor-Covered Fees on or off.

Anyone who gives with Subsplash Giving will receive a receipt that shows their donations as well as any covered fees.

We’re so excited to offer you this innovative feature as another tool to help Fuel Your MissionTM. Please contact us to get started today or to learn more!