Testimonies are powerful tools for helping those considering faith in Christ, to see how God works in peoples lives. Churches share these stories in a variety of ways.

  • Some churches video the testimonies of people about to be baptized to show during the baptism service.
  • Others may encourage small group leaders to ask for testimonies periodically.
  • Your church may invite people to share their testimony via video about how an event impacted their lives.

Another option is to gather testimonies and publish them on your church’s mobile app.

This gives people the opportunity to read testimonies about how someone came to Christ, how God worked through a recent marriage retreat to heal a couple’s relationship, and much more.

These stories are encouraging and stir up our faith, so it’s important to tell them.  Sharing testimonies is an excellent way to honor God for what He’s done, soften the hearts of those who’ve yet to follow Him, and encourage believers.

Don’t forget to let your congregation know about this new feature once you’ve added a few testimonies. Share them on social media as well and point back to your church’s mobile app to encourage people to download the app.