Church connect card tips!

As people visit your church online or in-person, most are looking to make a connection—to meet other Christians and find a church they can call home. The fact is that you may only have one opportunity to establish a connection with them while you still have their attention. 

As part of a well thought-out strategy, church connection cards kick-start personal connections by identifying first-time visitors and providing your church with the information necessary to follow up with them. These fill-in forms are also known as connect cards, church guest cards, church visitor cards, or church welcome cards. 

These cards can help you put first-time guests on the path to becoming returning visitors and eventually active members of your church. You can also use welcome cards to make deeper connections with your regular attendees and members, getting them plugged into small groups, ministries, and volunteer opportunities. 

This article was originally published on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the full Church connection cards—tips & best practices for 2021 article for more insights, like:

  • Why your church needs connection cards for visitors
  • Being intentional about the information you request
  • The importance of using online church connect cards
  • And much more!

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