Depending on where you live, this time of year is when many schools let out for Spring Break. It’s a time to give students a week off and provides an opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Whether families do a “staycation” or travel over Spring Break, your church’s mobile app can be a great tool for them along the way. Here are several ways families can use your church’s mobile app during Spring Break:

1) Family Devotionals

If your church provides reading plans through the app, you can recommend a plan for families to read together over Spring Break.  Consider offering a reading plan that coincides with the current sermon series or one that’s focused on family.

2) Watch Services

When families go out of town, they might miss one or two Sundays at church.  Instead of completely missing out, they can watch services together from the mobile app.

3) Notifications

You may want to send push notifications out to parents over Spring Break to encourage or remind them about the reading plan you’ve made available in the app.

4) Stay Connected

Provide ideas for how families who’re staying local can enjoy Spring Break.  Mention a blog post with a list of fun, family-friendly things to do that week.  You might want to talk with your small group leaders about how they can use the app to connect with their members and organize group activities.

5) Online Giving

If they haven’t already setup recurring giving, families can still tithe when they’re away via the mobile app.  Consider reminding your congregation about this option in the weeks leading up to Spring Break, so they know that’s available.

While it may feel frustrating to see a smaller crowd on Sunday during Spring Break, your church’s mobile app can be an excellent way to help families stay connected with their church.