Easter provides an excellent opportunity to reach people who don’t attend church on a regular basis (if at all). Maybe they’re curious about faith, feel like they should go to church on Easter, or perhaps a friend invited them to attend. Whatever the reason, we want to fill our services on Easter to share the Gospel and help people take the next step in their journey towards faith in Christ. Here are a few ways we can use technology to help fill each Easter service:

1) Make inviting easier

Provide links to social media posts that your congregation can share with their friends to invite them to Easter services and any special activities you’ll host that weekend.

2) Invite everyone who’s downloaded your app

Some people may have downloaded your app during a visit to your church, but don’t attend on a regular basis. Send out a push notification to everyone, inviting them to participate in Easter activities and services.

3) Include event and service information on the app

If your church is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, family photo booths, or other special activities, make sure you include those details on your app.  Also, if you’re adding services to accommodate a bigger crowd, include the service times on the app as well.

4) Enable people to register for events

Include a registration form in your app for any Easter weekend events that require registration. Encourage people to register via the app in announcements and promotions about the event.

5) Get your congregation thinking about who to invite

Use the live polling feature in services before Easter and ask how many people they know who need to get involved at a local church.  Give options such as 1-5, 6-10, 11-20 and ask people to respond to the poll during service.  This is an easy way to get people to pause and think about who they could invite.  It’s also a great way to encourage people to download the app so they can participate in the poll.

We have the most encouraging and life-changing story to share.  Let’s use the tools we have available to compel people in to hear the Gospel.