Mother's Day

Mom. She goes through nine months of pregnancy (or deals with months of adoption paperwork), changes too many diapers to count, nurses children back to health, helps with homework, and much more. Here are four ways your church can celebrate her this Mother’s Day (and hopefully make up for a few of our ornerier moments as kids):

1) Say “thank you”

Send out a push notification to say “thank you” to all the moms at your church.  They’re probably trying to get shoes on their toddler or wake up a sleepy teenager, but they’ll see it by the time they check-in their cherubs at church.

Let moms know about the free coffee, flowers, or other gifts you have for them that morning.  After all, that coffee may really come in handy after a long night with a teething baby.

2) Share cute kids’ videos

If your church created a fun video with kids sharing what mom means to them, make it easy for moms to share that through your church app.  They’ll love seeing their little ones on the big screen and will get a laugh out of the crazy things kids say.

3) Nurture Mom

She’s constantly taking care of others; so let’s help Mom out.  Offer a special Bible reading plan to encourage and help moms grow spiritually.  Point out specific messages that go along with the plan that she can listen to while chauffeuring her kids to soccer practice and such.

4) Make Mom’s life a bit easier

Make sure the moms in your church know how your app can help her.  Mention the bulletin within the app and how she can quickly find information about upcoming events for her kids (that they forgot to tell her about).  Show how she can register her kids (or herself) for various events, keep up with what’s coming up at the church, and much more.  She’s got enough on her plate, so make sure she knows how your church app can help her quickly cross a few items off her to-do list.

Moms wear many hats and sacrifice a lot for their children.  Let’s make a special effort to honor and serve her this Mother’s Day.