Have you ever announced an upcoming event, asked people to register, and no one signs up that day (or even that week)? You offer an early bird discount and mention how important it is to get a headcount for the meals or materials you need to order but still receive few sign-ups. That’s not uncommon. By the time they’ve heard the announcement, listened to the sermon, and picked up their children, people are leaving and have completely forgotten about the upcoming event. Even if you have signup tables in the lobby, they may pass right by them on the way out the door.

Thankfully, there’s a more effective option.

Here’s what one pastor whose church uses Custom Church Apps had to say:

“After years of trying from the pulpit to get people to put dates in their personal calendar or visit the signup table after service I had concluded that announcements were pointless. It was way too much effort to get such a small response.

However, that changed when we started using digital forms from Custom Church Apps.

One Sunday we asked people to pull out their phones and take a quick poll using the app. As they took the poll, I went through the small group sign-ups, events, volunteer form, and prayer request tab in the app.

The poll was a huge success, but what amazed me were how many people signed up digitally in the app in only a few minutes!

We now do all our sign-ups in the app as our first option and reference our signup table as a second option. This has greatly increased how many people sign up while reducing the number of individuals who sign up at the last minute.

We have also started asking guests to download our app and do the guest card digitally with great success. The best part is they keep using the app.

Thanks, Custom Church Apps for building an app with features that help us better connect with our church attendees.”

Help your congregation remember to sign up for events, small groups, and more by giving them a way to do so as you’re making the announcement.  They’ll appreciate the convenience, and you’ll enjoy seeing greater participation happen throughout the year.