Henry & Alex Seeley, The Belonging Co.

Relationships are a vital part of establishing a healthy community, and maintaining them during this season can require extra planning and creativity. Your ministry team likely had to quickly adapt to new ways of reaching and staying connected through the adoption of digital engagement tools in place of in-person gatherings. Through this process, churches around the world are discovering exciting opportunities to share the gospel with wider audiences and in some cases, strengthening relationships as a result. 

Henry and Alex Seeley, lead pastors of The Belonging Co., recently joined us on our podcast, Equip and Engage, to share how they’re witnessing more people seek the church and connect with gospel-centered content since the onset of the current global pandemic. “The irony is that social distancing has actually brought people closer together. In our church community, people have felt more connected than ever,” said Alex. The Belonging Co. has seen an increase in attendance of their online connect groups compared to when they were meeting physically.

Without the ability to meet face-to-face, staying connected requires more intentionality in order to stay meaningfully engaged with community. Churches are investing more in sharing daily content such as podcasts, devotionals, and Bible-reading plans to help their community stay engaged beyond just Sundays. As a result, gospel-centered content is reaching a much broader group of people than ever before.

Staying connected digitally is taking a much more prominent place in our lives. With the right tools, you can reach more people with the gospel and better make disciples. We’re here to partner with you through the best-in-class mobile apps, digital giving, websites, live streaming, media hosting and delivery, and world-class support. 

Listen to the full podcast with Henry and Alex Seeley. 

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