For the first time in history, society is globally connected. The internet has become the centerpiece of a generation’s way of living. The smartphone is the primary medium of all desired interaction, and social media is the social norm by which culture stays connected 24/7.

You need to connect with millennials if you want your church to impact culture. Great leaders agree that building or growing a church of influence may start with a vision; but it only becomes reality through a multitude of people coming into agreement with that vision. It’s for this reason that leadership styles, and your ability to connect multi-generationally, is so important. Across the nation, church leaders are asking an important question: How do I engage the millennial generation?

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Millennials are generally defined as those born between the years 1977 and 1997. Currently, they are about 20-40 years old. They were raised online, and were taught computer skills at a very early age. Younger millennials can’t even comprehend what life was like prior to smartphones and the internet.

For millennials, there’s little distinction between life online and off. It’s all just life. Leaders and churches need to understand this, if they want to connect with today’s mobile culture. There’s not a “digital church” and a “physical church”. It’s just church. This is how a millennial thinks. The better you understand this, the deeper you will connect with them.

Millennials, in particular, want to connect to those they do life with by sharing life experiences, and relating on a personal level. Asking the right questions is fundamental to engaging with them. Questions that reach the heart of those desires, can unlock momentum in the millennials around you. In our free eBook, we will elaborate on how to ask great questions that will help connect you on a personal level, with the millennials around you.

About the author:
“How To Connect With Today’s Millennial Mindset” was written by Custom Church Apps Co-Founder and CEO, Poncho Lowder. Along with being a CEO, Poncho is the Lead Pastor of Dreamer’s Church in Austin Texas. With 20 years of experience in these two roles, Poncho has a proven track record of connecting with millennials. In this Ebook he gives 4 major keys that will help you better connect with the millennials around you.