Do you remember the first time you saw someone pull out their cell phone when you were preaching a sermon? (Yes, this was a long, long time ago!) Today, we hardly notice people using their phones in church.

According to experts, the typical person spends over 3½ hours everyday on their mobile devices. More than 90% of that time is spent in apps. During your next service, observe how many of your members spend time looking at their mobile devices. They’re likely looking up the scripture verses online, or perhaps they are taking sermon notes.

This has church leaders asking themselves, “How can we put our church in their hands?” How can we use this technology to build God’s Kingdom?

Getting your own custom church app allows you to better connect, and engage your church within the mobile ecosystem through push notifications, announcements, videos, podcasts, sermon notes, Bibles, live streaming, integrations with the best church management software… the options are limitless.

These features literally put your church into the hands of your church members.