Capital Campaigns

Church capital campaigns are important fundraising initiatives that any church can benefit from. Often called “church building campaigns,” these efforts are popular because they help raise funds for purchasing or renovating church facilities. 

Learning how to raise church capital is important because of how it can help your church thrive! This might mean buying new properties, renovating buildings, investing in new ministries, establishing a legacy in your community, or any number of avenues for adding fuel to your mission and making more disciples.

Successfully raising church capital involves five major steps:

  1. Establishing goals
  2. Developing a timeline and budget
  3. Creating an action plan
  4. Engaging your congregation
  5. Identifying major donors

This post was originally posted on the Subsplash blog. Continue reading the How to run a successful church capital campaign to explore each of the above steps and offer advice on how to execute them successfully so your church can raise the funds it needs for its future growth.

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