Great Faith - Every Nation

Inspiration can be found in many places. For our Custom Church Apps’ team, we draw special satisfaction from helping a church create their ideal mobile app. You constantly inspire us with your innovation and creativity, and we love to see churches respond with excitement to the possibilities available on our platform.

In order to celebrate and pass along the inspiration, we are starting an “Church App Spotlight” series to showcase these apps.

A prime example of an inspirational app is the “Every Nation Fasting Week” church app.

Since 1994, Every Nation has planted churches, set up training centers, and started campus ministries in over 78 nations. Co-founders Pastor Steve Murrell and Pastor Rice Broocks famously co-authored the “Purple Book”, a discipleship tool with over 1 million copies in 22 different languages in circulation.

Every Nation selected Custom Church Apps to help them launch this new app. Some of the app content includes inspirational Biblical stories, relevant videos, practical applications and prayer suggestions.

Over 14,500 users downloaded the Every Nation Fasting Week app within its first 30 days, and it was launched over 70,000 times. Imagine how many people were blessed by being able to get those resources on their mobile devices!

Check out their app and get inspired. We can help you integrate resources into your mobile app.