Best online giving for small churches

Smaller churches often think they can’t or shouldn’t use an online giving solution because of their size. These churches are under the false impression that online giving is only meant for large churches with high donation volumes and big teams of tech-savvy staff. 

The truth is quite the opposite—small churches need online giving because they’re small. Since small churches have fewer donors, they need all the help they can get to encourage generosity from their community. Because they have few people on staff, who are usually very strapped for time, they need to free up as much time as possible for actual ministerial work by streamlining administrative tasks. Online giving helps with all of the above. 

Let’s discover why adopting an online giving solution would be greatly helpful for your small church, and what the best online giving solutions are for small churches.

Discover the best online giving for small churches

Why online giving is important for small churches

There are many benefits of using online giving for small churches, but a couple of major reasons highlight why it is now a must-have for them.

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