Live streaming is an incredibly effective tool for engaging your audience and expanding your reach beyond your church’s walls. Some churches live stream their services using powerful, feature-rich live streaming platforms built with the needs of churches in mind, but others choose to use free options like Facebook Live that don’t have as many features.

Facebook Live is appealing for many churches because it’s free to use and familiar to most people. However, Facebook Live should not be the only live streaming solution for your church because it is not built with churches in mind and is significantly limited when compared to dedicated live streaming solutions.

Instead, churches will get the most value out of partnering with a specialized live streaming provider that offers syndication to Facebook. This strategy will offer your church robust features that Facebook alone cannot provide, while giving you a simple way to share your message and expand your reach.  

Here are the top reasons why Facebook Live is not an ideal live streaming platform for churches: 


Copyright Issues

Many churches have licensing agreements to legally use copyrighted music during church services. However, when this copyrighted material is used during your church’s Facebook Live streams, it is automatically detected and may be deemed a violation of their terms. This often results in your video being muted or taken down without warning or explanation, causing frustration for you and your audience.

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  • Copyright issues and how to avoid them
  • The frustrating lack of support Facebook offers
  • How Facebook takes ownership of your content
  • How Facebook is monetized and uses ads
  • Why multi-channel syndication is better
  • How to get better media management

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