Get Your App Discovered

So, your church app is up and running. You’re all set for the Christmas season with updated schedules, social media posts, and special church events all updated in your app. Anyone with your app can stay fully connected with your church.

The question is, “How can we help more people find our app?”

According to Google, the most effective way to get people to download your app is through word-of-mouth. That’s right, people want apps that are used by their friends and family!

3 Google Tips to Help People Find Your App
Source: Google

So, here are three quick tips for helping others discover your app.

1) Word-of-mouth promotion (51% App Discovery)

Tell your church every week that your church app is available. Sell them on the benefits of having your app: Bibles, sermon notes, digital giving, church events and schedules, videos, etc. Ask them to tell their friends and families about the app. This only costs you a few seconds from the pulpit each week.

2) Online promotion (32% App Discovery)

Many churches surprisingly do not advertise their apps on their websites. It is essential to let website visitors know that your app is available. Custom Church Apps provides you with a custom landing page to help promote your app. There’s even a link that directs people to download your app from The App Store or Google Play Store.

3) Social Media Promotion (32% App Discovery)

Leverage your social media platforms to promote your app. Google found that about a third of people find new apps on social media. Custom Church Apps provides you with multiple custom-designed images to promote your app on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. Utilizing these images will help people find your app and engage with your church community.

The Low-Down on App Downloads

It’s really that simple. You have to put your app in front of people in order for people to download your app. More than likely, new visitors haven’t heard about your app, and some of your members may need a few reminders before downloading it. So, don’t forget to incorporate the fact that you have a useful app to help with your online giving, weekly announcements, website, and social media.